LEADERSHIP COURSE |Creating Life-Giving and Life-Changing Community


Leadership three-part workshop

This three-part workshop will explore the biblical idea of spiritual community. In particular, we’ll explore a brief biblical overview of community and how spiritual community can be safe, welcoming, and sharpening for believers. The series of practical workshops will be live in a virtual setting (using Zoom) with opportunities for interaction through small group breakout rooms, chat discussions and feedback.

There will also be simultaneous translation from English into French, and from English into German.





Session 1 – Monday 1th March, 8:00-9:30 pm: Cultivating a Safe but not Soft Community

  • This opening session will begin with a brief biblical exposition of authentic spiritual community. It will also explore how a leader serves as a “culture setter” for a community, either for better or for worse. As well, we will consider the importance for leaders and followers alike to model vulnerability while also seeking to speak the truth in love as “iron sharpening iron.”

Session 2 – Monday 15th March, 8:00-9:30 pm: Cultivating Low Ego and High Trust in Your Community

  • During this session, we will explore and contrast practical examples of “high ego/low trust” leaders and teams (communities) versus “low ego/high trust” leaders and teams (communities). We will also consider the importance of anchoring our identity in Christ (i.e., being led more by Jesus) and specific, practical steps to build trust in community.

Session 3 – Monday 29th March, 8:00-9:30 pm: Cultivating Care and Encouragement in Your Community

  • The final session will focus on practical ways to demonstrate care in your community through encouragement. We will explore the biblical importance of encouraging one another coupled with results from the world’s largest study on effective management, which surprisingly corresponds with healthy community. We will also engage in a practical exercise to model encouraging one another.



Both presenters serve with Arrow Leadership, a ministry devoted to developing Jesus-centered leaders who are led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more people to Jesus. For nearly 30 years, Arrow Leadership has developed nearly 2,500 Jesus-centered leaders around the world through its transformative programs and exceptional resources. To learn more, visit:

Dr. Steve Brown, president of Arrow Leadership. Dr. Brown has journeyed alongside hundreds of Christian leaders by leveraging his leadership experience from serving in local church, denominational, parachurch and marketplace roles. His goal is to equip leaders to cultivate spiritual vibrancy, develop healthy and holy character, grow deep relationships and leverage their leadership for maximum impact.

Dr. Rick Franklin, vice president of Arrow Leadership. Dr. Franklin’s deeply held passion to develop Christian leaders has been honed and cultivated as a leader in the Arrow Leadership Program™ and throughout the course of 35 years of ministry in a variety of parachurch, church, teaching and consulting roles domestically and internationally. Rick yearns to help Christian leaders grow and develop so that they are as effective as possible in what God has called them to be and do.



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Co-organized by the Salvation Army (Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary) and HET-PRO, this course is designed for church leaders, elders, parish councils and non-profit executives, as well as anyone preoccupied by how to cultivate an authentic community that encourages both vulnerability and accountability.


This course is provided free of charge, but donations make it possible.

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Please take note that the 3 sessions are mandatory.

Session 1 – Monday 1th March, 8:00-9:30 pm (Swiss time)

Session 2 – Monday 15th March, 8:00-9:30 pm (Swiss time)

Session 3 – Monday 29th March, 8:00-9:30 pm (Swiss time)

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